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Information Technology Addition to Library/Media Center

The Information Technology, Network and Telecommunications departments are to be relocated from their current locations in Drescher Hall to a new location that is south of the Library/Media Center. Currently in that location is a temporary building designated as Library Village. The master plan proposes that an addition to the Library/Media Center be added to the south of the existing facility. The existing Media Center has several technology related functions and can be reconfigured to take advantage of a combined facility with Information Technology.

Shuttle Replacement Parking

The College has operated a shuttle parking lot at the Santa Monica Airport since 1988. This remote shuttle lot has played a major part in the college’s transportation management program. In November of 2005 the City of Santa Monica commenced construction of a public park at the Airport and has temporarily moved the shuttle lot to a beach parking lot. The beach lot is not suitable for long term use by the college and the City has asked to college to leave the location after the spring semester.

Parking Structure “C”

The extension of Parking Structure “C” replaced an older structure that was damaged in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. The new garage adds 486 additional parking spaces to campus. In addition, the college added an underground entrance to Parking Structure “C” that vastly improves the traffic and pedestrian flow in and around the two parking structures (A & C) and the Business Building.

SMC Campus Quad

Santa Monica College has greatly increased open space on the campus with the addition of this new landscaped area that replaces a number of temporary structures. The quad forms a new center of campus with dramatic landscaping and special features, including two fountains. A main campus walkway through the area is formed with pavers and highlighted with a double row of date palms.

SMC Library

The College’s main library, which was damaged in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, was seismically upgraded, modernized and expanded. The project added more book area, more study space and a large computer lab. Seating for students was more than doubled.

The new addition was seamlessly added to the original building. It features a three-story “floating” study area with computers and study stations. A three-story curtain wall of glass highlights the north face of the building.

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