Drescher Hall: Academic Facilities Modernization, Bookstore & Pico Promenade

This project includes the transformation of Dresher Hall and the Pico Boulevard side of the campus. One component of this project is a remodel of Drescher Hall, built in the 1960s for the teaching of vocational trades. The building lacks modern infrastructure and is not easily accessible on the first floor. The Photography Department is currently split between this building and the Business Building. This modernization project consolidates the photo program in one location in Drescher Hall and accommodates an expanded use of digital photo technologies. Also, ESL (English as a Second Language) is currently in temporary facilities located at the far edge of campus. This project will consolidate ESL in Drescher Hall and provide an opportunity for program modernizations and improvements. The modernization will also provide a fire system upgrade. This includes remodeling of up to 12,000 square feet of existing space.

The Bookstore is currently operating in a building designed for the number of students attending the college in 1950. There have been only minor upgrades to the current facility. There is not enough room to accommodate the required number of textbooks and there is no room for general merchandise that is needed by students and specialty items such as computers and electronics. The project includes remodeling or adding up to 20,000 square feet to Drescher Hall for the relocation of the Bookstore and other student serving retail or food service functions.

This project would also make improvements to the frontage on Pico including a transit plaza to serve the increasing number of students that take advantage of public transportation.

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