Math/Science Addition to the Science Complex

This project would propose construction of a new addition to the current Science Building that would consolidate the Mathematics and Science programs. The Math Department is current operating within a temporary facility. Some of the Science programs that are dispersed throughout the campus include Anthropology, Astronomy, Geography and Geology. The new facility would also expand programs in Physical and Life Sciences.

The Math/Science addition project would propose construction of a building connected and directly adjacent to the existing Science Building on campus and is proposed to consist of 70,057 ASF (110,911 GSF). The project will provide 23,600 ASF of classroom lecture space; 33,887 ASF of class laboratory space; 7,590 ASF of office space and 4,980 ASF of library space. The project also would include a 100 seat planetarium and an observatory on the roof with 360 degree unobstructed views of the sky for the Astronomy Program.

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